team try – SUPER-OLI

SUPER-OLI™ was developed by Oleolive LLC, a research and development company focused on using the therapeutic compounds (A.K.A phenolics) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to combat many ailments and diseases.


Kiley started his career in finance, transitioning from banking into working at an accelerator. There, he interacted with many startups and grew fond of biotech. He has been through all phases of building a company with several different startups and brings the ability to span the gap between science and entrepreneurship.


Dr. Cardelli spent the first 30 years of his career in academia where he lead a nine person lab and directed Basic and Translational Research for the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. After academia, he transitioned into the private sector where he founded several companies dedicated to advancing medicine and biotechnology. He also led a drug discovery and development program which culminated in the launch of a biotechnology company developing repurposed drugs for pancreatic cancer.


Dr. Gray has more than 10 years of molecular biology research experience and is a scientific development consultant and co-founder of Segue Science Labs. At Segue Science Labs she heads up production of Oleocanthal through our patented process.

AMAL KADDOUMI, Ph.D - Chief Scientist Neuroscience and Biopharmaceuticals

Dr. Kaddoumi is an internationally recognized expert on oleocanthal and is one of the most published researchers in the field. She is a professor at Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy where her lab has extensive experience in drug development, preclinical research and bioanalysis in the fields of biopharmaceutics, neuropharmacology and brain research with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease.

KHALID EL SAYED, Ph.D - Chief Scientist Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. El Sayed is a Medicinal Chemist and inventor of Oleolive's core technology. He is also a world renowned expert on oleocanthal and his research is commonly cited in articles pertaining to the health effects of olive oil and oleocanthal. He is a Professor of Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry at University of Louisiana Monroe's School of Pharmacy.