The Serum by Oleolive (10 ml) – SUPER-OLI
The Serum by Oleolive (10 ml)

The Serum by Oleolive (10 ml)

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The world's most versatile cosmeceutical.


We have taken our experience and scientific rigor and turned it into one amazing product. We simply call it "The Serum" as it is the only cosmeceutical you will ever need. 

Our base is pure squalane that is non-comedogenic, extremely moisturizing and a stable base for our trademark OLIGEN. 

OLIGEN blends seamlessly into the squalane creating a product with immense versatility and noticeable highlights. 

A thin layer of The Serum on your face will invoke an almost tingly sensation that will have you feeling confident. It dries so quickly that it goes on perfectly before makeup or can be applied before bed without the risk of dirtying linens. 

The ingredients are the hallmark of what we have produced in the past and exhibit world-class redness reduction, skin firming, acne-fighting and dark spot reducing qualities that will have you wanting more from the day it is delivered.